Raos Adhesives and Chemicals was established and serving paper conversion industries since 2014 primarily to produce quality starch based Adhesives and dextrin to be used by paper conversion Industries.

We synonymous with starch, Dextrin’s and modified starch manufacturing from since 2014 under the leadership of our founder Mr.K.S.Ravindra Babu a Technocrat Engineer with robust Experience in the Adhesive Field Incorporated and started Manufacturing of High Quality Modified starch at Bangalore with a production capacity of 75MT per Month of Various grades of Dextrin and modified starches, corrugation gum powder, pasting gum powder, modified dextrin etc.

Our Products are used in Various Areas such as corrugated Boxes, packing Rolls, composite cans, spiral Tube Windings, Foundries, ceramics, Fireworks, Grinding Wheels and paper Conversion Industries. All our products are manufactured under strict quality control with close monitoring with our fully equipped laboratory. Each Batch is screened and Test Before it Leaves our works. Hence customers can be assured of consistency in the quality for every supply. At our works we constantly working on new products and improving the quality of every product manufactured.

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